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What is a worker center? – a video tutorial


Income Inequality Irony at the SEIU

Today, while the SEIU and its front group Fight for 15 led protests around the country calling for a $15 per hour minimum wage, The Hill reported that forty of the SEIU’s full time employees are, in fact, paid under $15 an hour. We were unable to confirm if the SEIU employees picketed their bosses for “Dignity,” “Respect” and the right to form a union. We also were unable to confirm if exploited employees called upon one-percenter SEIU President Mary Kay Henry to forego a portion of her salary to compensate low wage SEIU workers. In the meantime, a number of the…


The SEIU’s $38 Million Ponzi Scheme

Today, Worker Center Watch released a summary (PDF file) of US Department of Labor data documenting that the SEIU spent at least $38 million on the Fight for 15/Fast Food Forward campaign in 2013. Untold millions have been spent since the last filing, making today’s staged actions perhaps the most expensive protests in human history. Rather than investing that money in member services or benefit programs, this astounding investment by organized labor has been aimed directly at tearing down the reputations of service sector employers to soften them up for union organizing drives. But will it pay off? That’s a…


Calif. Supreme Court Affirms Franchise Business Model; Contradicts Obama’s Pro-Union Efforts

The recent decision by the California Supreme Court affirming the legal distinction between franchisors and franchisees was a victory for common sense, if not the thousands of small business owners impacted by the ruling. By overturning a lower court’s ruling, California’s highest court recognized that Domino’s Pizza is not responsible for hiring or firing at its franchised locations – and therefore should not face a jury trial on decisions made by a separate, independent business owner. Unions and the Obama Administration, however, are likely reeling from this setback in their coordinated campaign to establish joint-employer status among parent companies and…