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What is a worker center? – a video tutorial

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SEIU Rep: Minimum Wage Campaign is About Unionization

New Video Confirms That End Goal of Fast Food Forward/Fight for 15 is Unionization New video surfaced on the website Rebel Pundit offering a rare moment of candor from Fast Food Forward Director Kendall Fells. Worker Center Watch has previously documented that Fells receives $120,000 in annual compensation from the SEIU. As the video shows, Fells was addressing the Congressional Black Caucus Legislative Conference when he declared, “To be clear, this is not a minimum wage campaign. These fast food workers are not trying to raise the minimum wage. They want to sit down with the $200 billion dollar fast food industry and get the money out…

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Another Flawed Union-Backed Study Scheduled for Release Tomorrow

Another Flawed Union-Backed Study Scheduled for Release Tomorrow Washington, DC – Tomorrow, the Restaurant Opportunities Center, a union-backed front group posing as a worker training and research institute, will release a new “study,” similar to a Fast Food Forward report released earlier this year that quickly was exposed as a sham because it was conducted online and based on a faulty data set.  Similarly, the latest ROC “survey” was advertised online through social media and conducted online via Survey Monkey without any screening of the respondents.  Anyone could have logged on, multiple times in fact, and responded to the survey.  The sample was not randomized and respondents may or may…


Income Inequality Irony at the SEIU

Today, while the SEIU and its front group Fight for 15 led protests around the country calling for a $15 per hour minimum wage, The Hill reported that forty of the SEIU’s full time employees are, in fact, paid under $15 an hour. We were unable to confirm if the SEIU employees picketed their bosses for “Dignity,” “Respect” and the right to form a union. We also were unable to confirm if exploited employees called upon one-percenter SEIU President Mary Kay Henry to forego a portion of her salary to compensate low wage SEIU workers. In the meantime, a number of the…