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What is a worker center? – a video tutorial


USDOL Corrals Supporters for 2014 Elections

Political use of social media is well known and established, especially in a time when the White House is listed as a user of social media metric In fact, the President’s political team is credited with revolutionizing the methods by which campaigns rely on and utilize technology. The sophisticated use of social media is so extensive that there’s little doubt the U.S. Department of Labor, the Democratic National Committee and Organizing for America use similar services to analyze and capture information on Twitter and other outlets. However, when a taxpayer-funded, government agency engages in a social media campaign to…


With No Fear of Repercussions, Labor Ups the Ante on Worker Centers

In what’s sure to be a growing trend for Big Labor and its allies, the leader of a prominent Seattle worker center recently joined the board of a top labor union. And while it made few headlines, news that Casa Latina staff member Cariño Barragán Talancón became the first worker center representative appointed to the executive board of the AFL-CIO State Labor Council is worth noting. Organized labor has made no secret of its fondness for nonprofit groups that operate like unions without being held to the same legal standards. Last year, AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka heaped high praise on…


White House to Shady Union Front Group: Come On In!

Having a checkered past might make it hard to find a job, but it doesn’t mean you won’t get invited to a White House event. That’s the lesson that came out of Monday’s “Summit on Working Families,” where labor allies with dubious backgrounds had a front row seat with the Obama Administration. And while lying on tax forms or harassing innocent people would earn most people stiff fines or jail time, those credentials allowed groups like the Restaurant Opportunities Center (ROC) and OUR Walmart (a UFCW subsidiary) to rub elbows with the President. Another worker center on hand for the…