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What is a worker center? – a video tutorial

OnTheRecord 4.9.14

Worker Center Watch Discusses Union Intimidation on FoxNews

In case you missed it, Worker Center Watch spokesman Ryan Williams appeared on the April 9 edition of On the Record with Greta Van Susteren. Williams highlighted the thuggish actions by traditional unions and their worker center front groups, actions that recently led to a complaint by the NLRB. Video of Williams’ appearance is here.


OUR Walmart Organizer Used Threats Against Union Target

Reinforcing the stereotype of union thugs shaking down their opponents, the leader of the United Food and Commercial Workers’ (UFCW) campaign against Walmart has been exposed for once making threats against a non-union janitorial company. In a scene reminiscent of “The Sopranos” or “Goodfellas,” Dan Schlademan – the lead organizer for the UFCW’s OUR Walmart/Making Change at Walmart campaign – made a harrowing call to the president of Texas-based Professional Janitorial Services (PJS), a company targeted by the SEIU, Schlademan’s employer at the time, during their Justice for Janitors campaign. As reported by the Daily Caller, Schlademan told the PJS president:…


Socialism 101: The 2014 Labor Notes Conference

If nothing else, the agenda for the 2014 Labor Notes Conference reads like a dispatch from Jimmy Hoffa’s sweetest dream (and Ronald Reagan’s nightmare), catering to Big Labor enthusiasts, socialists and everyday worker center “troublemakers.” Workshops at this week’s conference cover a range of topics crucial for both the aspiring Occupier and common goon, including “Using the Rat” and “Getting Off the Grievance Treadmill.” Need to brush up your skills for putting unsolicited leaflets under windshield wipers? Check out “Seven Secrets of a Successful Flyer.” Getting rusty at disrupting workplaces? Drop by the seminar on “Organizing along Walmart’s Supply Chain”…